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What I do


I create paintings, murals and installations inspired by my travels and the projects I work with. My work tells stories, stirs the senses, and makes people smile. My research and art practice focuses on natural history, cultural memory and placemaking.  


My recent paintings explore the conversations I’ve had with people over the pandemic. Their desire to go. Anywhere. To be somewhere new. And the treasures they have discovered by exploring places within their restricted reach. Over 2020-2021, I bushwalked, bird watched and snorkelled through remote northern areas of Western Australia. Much of the landscape, flora, fauna and cultural history is unique to these regions. I am using these aspects as a metaphor for new experiences, and the discovery of what has always been there — but mostly unseen by western eyes. 


My practice includes public art projects: murals, ephemeral installations, and private painting commissions. I work with watercolour, acrylic, paper, mixed media and found objects.  I am part of a network of collaborators who initiate artist-led, community-engaged projects for activating public spaces and connecting people.

About Marina 


Conceived Lake Victoria, Tanganyika. Born Lincolnshire, England. Lives and works in Fremantle, Western Australia.


Marina’s wanderlust has taken her around the world and led to several careers. She began as an interior architect in Canada and the UK, specializing in hospitality and workplace design. She moved to Australia to establish the interior architecture department at Curtin University and extended its programs into Singapore and Malaysia. At the same time, her research focused on indigenous spatial meaning, placemaking, and community building. This led to consulting to FORM facilitating workshops for clusters of artist-makers in developing, exhibiting, and marketing new products.

Marina has exhibited in Australia, Italy, and Myanmar. Her exhibition — Sea Circus explored the underwater world. She studied Natural History Illustration at the University of Newcastle and has a painted series of Western Australian and Canadian endemic wildflowers. Her botanical work extends into large-scale paper flower installations for The City of Claremont, FORM, Crown Resorts, and a community art-making project in Myanmar. Her award-winning creative work has won funding from the Australian ASEAN Council, Australia Council for the Arts, DLGSC Culture and the Arts, the City of Fremantle, the Shire of Collie and Curtin University. She holds a Masters's of Design and a Bachelor's of Interior Architecture.  

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