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boisbuchet fellow

what domaine de boisbuchet does


Boisbuchet, set in the South West of France, integrates innovative architecture, design and art into the splendid setting of a 19th century estate. Boisbuchet’s northern summer workshops, travelling exhibitions and design library are offered in cooperation with Vitra Design Museum and Centre Pompidou.


Australian institutions such as museums, galleries, cultural institutions, universities, or companies are welcomed as partners, for whom Boisbuchet can tailor programs individually.

my role


As the Australian Fellow, my role is to increase general knowledge of Boisbuchet in the Australian design/architecture/arts/crafts/culture communities, and to increase Boisbuchet’s understanding of the Australian scene.


I reach out to inform Australian individuals and organisations about Boisbuchet’s workshops. I act as a sensor in our design communities, reporting on trends and scouting new and interesting designers in our region. I present Boisbuchet to universities. I connect with cultural institutions. I visit universities, companies and associations which are known for their strong interest in design, architecture, fashion, jewellery, film, photography, furniture design, textiles, ceramics, interior architecture, social design, food, scenography, exhibitions, craft (glass, porcelain), wood working, land art, and technology.

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Marina Lommerse

Design & Architecture Workshops Fellow - Australia
Tel: +61 437 726 459

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