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the language of flowers

botanical art 

My botanic work is exhibited at the following over 2018:

Beauty from the Bush: Botanical Art of Western Australian Flora, Avocados, Kelmscott, Australia.

Botanica: Symbiosis The Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney, Australia.

Vasse Art Awards Vasse Primary School, Vasse, Australia. 

Wanneroo Community Art Awards Wanneroo Gallery, Wanneroo, Australia.


These paintings and murals are part of series of flower portraits of endemic wildflowers and their pollinators. The series focuses on the South West corner of Western Australia and the northern boreal forests of Manitoba, Canada. Both are  bio-diversity hotspots – significant for their wildflowers. I have lived in both areas and they hold a special significance to me. The body of botanical work includes large scale portraits of wildflowers (and pollinators) – rare and/or endangered and/or little known but important and beautiful. I magnify them to in order to expose the intricacies of the form, colours and patterns of these delicate organisms. 


Beauty from the Bush: Botanical Art of Western Australian Flora

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