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the language of flowers

tales of mothering

We thanks Angela Mitchell for graphic design; Sean Byford, Jack Pam, and Jack Holmes for installation; and Joy Marshall, Judi Arrow and Jennifer Dudley for contributions to flower making. 

'Tales of Mothering' is a whimsical garden of suspended paper flowers that embodies the happiness, longevity and love of mothers.

Be it admiration, love, friendship, gratitude, sympathy, devotion or celebration, the work by Marina Lommerse and Hayley Curnow represents the social practice of nurturing and caring for people, and therefore is inclusive of Mothers of any gender; biological, non-biological, multi-generational and multiple.

Off the Page 2019 installation exhbition is presented by Claremont Town Centre, produced in partnership with FORM, as a celebration of Scribblers Festival.

See links to national and international paper artists and fellow exhibitors Clare Celeste BorschJacky ChengSarah Thornton-Smith and Sean Adamas.

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