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designing futures

I was  the principal researcher and co-author of Designing Futures, a Cluster Development Model that FORM:

Buliding a State of Creativity was creating for the efficient development of the craft and design industry in WA.


In collaboration with FORM I developed and delivered mentoring programs to develop visual arts and design practitioners. The model is proven to accelerate learning and professional growth of participants.


Paper: 'Designing Futures: A Model for Innovation, Growth and Sustainability of the Craft and Design Industry.'

Catalouge: Unveiled

Catalouge: Made in Midland

Associate Professor Marina Lommerse has been a significant and enthusiastic supporter of arts practitioners in WA for many years. Her intimate knowledge on the state of the creative craft and design  sector, through her teaching, mentoring and leadership of new and innovative initiatives has been well received and strengthened the craft and design-maker sector significantly, including practitioners such as myself.


Penelope Forlano, Principle, Forlano Design

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