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fleeing emus mural

'Along South Terrace, enterprising Terra Rosa at 346 deserves a mention for a captivating chase scene deserving permanency. Colin Nichol in 'A passing fad of distraction’


 Fremantle Herald Online, 1 May 2015 

My mural tells a story of nocturnal native animals chasing feral animals, the scorching Australian sun, long sunset shadows, spinifex grasses, and emus galloping across our desert land.


Terra Rosa Consulting, my client, wanted a mural that conveys their environmental interests in remote and rural regions. My mural, located at 346 South Terrace, South Fremantle, is one of sixty-six painted in April 2015, across the Perth Metropolitan area and rural Western Australia was part of the 10 day PUBLIC 2015 Street Art Festival.


'The team at Terra Rosa and the whole street will continue to appreciate your mural every day.’ Terra Rosa Consulting




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