flora & fauna of bramley national park 

Creative team: Marina Lommerse & Jack-of-all-trades

Located just 400 metres from Margaret River Township, Bramley National Park is a gateway to breathtaking forest experiences, world class walking and mountain bike trails. Wharnecliffe Mill is a family run bush camp, nestled amidst the tall timber, offering a beautiful nature based eco-experience.


During our 2016-17 residency we have been commisioned to develop a number of local flora and fauna murals, guerrilla stencil pieces and prints reflecting local species.





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Majestic Spider Orchid

Majestic Spider Orchid // Caladenia winfieldii Western Australia has over 150 of the 240 species within the genus Caladenia. Several of the species have developed bizarre techniques to attract insects through form, scent and colour. Many ground orchids produce edible tubers. Indigenous Australians would eat the tubers, either raw or roasted. Caladenias can be found in a variety of habitats from cool, moist Karri forest and costal swamps to the dr