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the language of flowers

carnaby's food forest mural

This mural reminds us of the bird life we are losing in the Perth urban area, and how important it is to supply water and feed sources for these birds by planting the trees and shrubs they need, and maintaining the food sources that remain.


The mural was made possible through the sponsership of City of FremantleMark Brophy Estate Agent, Bauwerk Paints and the generously given time and enthusiasm of my painting buddies, Jack Holmes, Aeryn Finander, Jean Menzies & Lisa Bryant and The Friends of Florence Park, friends and family. Thank you all.

A lifeless wall in a much-loved community-managed park has been transformed into a spectacle of flocking Carnaby’s Black Cockatoos. These birds once flew in great screeching flocks across the metropolitan area, as they sought out and fed on marri trees and pines. Many fondly remember these huge flocks from their childhood days


Florence Park is a much-loved community-managed park in South Fremantle. It was re-imagined twenty years ago when permaculture principles were used to convert a flat grassed park to a multi-level space with food terraces, dunes, and native plants and trees in order to attract native birds, and provide a more natural space for children and adults to interact with nature. 


In 2016, ideas to brighten up the park were discussed by the community. I designed a number of drafts which celebrated the beauty of the Carnaby’s black-cockatoos (Ngoolark in Noongar language), which are endangered because of loss of breeding and feeding habitat.


The 28 meter mural shows the various aspects of Ngoolark life – breeding, feeding and flocking. The mural was officially opened in December 2016, at the start of the Noongar Birak season.






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