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nest_new nomads

Creative team: Marina Lommerse, Hayley Curnow, Thomas Rowe, Debbie Galvin, George Williamson, Sue Williamson, Jack Holmes, Paul Gray, Angela Mitchell, Leah Dent. The creative team comprises a range of designers and artists working in audio, interiors, education, multimedia, photography, music and place making.


Nest would like to thank Cacoon Australia for sponsorship, Modo Gelato for delicous-ness and our wonderful team of vollenteers, without which the project would not have come off. 


NEST – New Nomands was an urban installation, part of Art Transforms Claremont and PUBLIC Platform 2016, Australia’s first prototyping festival showcasing 23 Perth creative teams transforming Bayview Terrace in Claremont with playful installations, interactive sculptures and immersive experiences.


Swinging gently to a soundscape of birds and forest noises, this installation of nomadic cocoon-like nests brings nature and tranquillity to the hurly-burly of Claremont. At sunset, the nests pulsate with light, while all around a moving projection features birds in flight, building nests, and feeding young. Become one of them, and float above the ground.


The Cacoons come in four sizes and 12 colours and are distributed by Fremantle-based Cacoon Australia.


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