Giclee print on 100% Cotton Rag
Limited edition of 50
42 cm wide x 59.4 cm high


The original watercolour is part of series of flower portraits of endemic wildflowers and their pollinators. The Wood Lily is endemic to Central and Eastern Canada in boreal woodlands and transition areas. It occurs in open woods, clearings, and grassy meadows. The Wood lily is threatened because of rarity in Manitoba. Its occurrence is regionally restricted, and populations are almost always locally sparse. It holds a special place in the hearts of many prairie Canadians who remember it from their childhood for its bright abundance and the signal of spring at last in the frozen muskeg bogs of the Northern Manitoba boreal forests.


Reference photos: Doug Lauvstad. Photographer: Christophe Canato

WOOD LILY Lilium philadelphicum L. var. philadelphicum 1