11 x 15 cm greeting card with kraft envelope
Card is blank inside for your own message

According to the Victoria language of flowers, White Camellia says ‘You’re Adorable’. We invite you to express your feelings by wearing and giving flowers.

Artwork by Mitchell & Dent

Photo Credit: Jordan Fyfe


  • White Camellia is one of six flower + meaning card designs and are mementos from The Language of Flowers Project designed by Western Australian creatives Marina Lommerse, Hayley Curnow, Jess Richardson, Thomas Rowe, Angela Mitchell, Leah Dent, Jack Holmes, Paul Gray.

    The Language of Flowers Project was part of the PUBLIC2016 festival of art and ideas in Claremont, Western Australia. During the Victorian Era, floriography, the use or arrangement of flowers became a way to express coded messages that Victorian etiquette held too delicate or intimate to express directly. The installation engages the public in the art of floriography, providing a memorable landscape in which to play, learn and delight.