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public art + place activation workshop

Public art is radically changing. It’s a Global phenomenon – the desire to make more meaningful public space. I run workshops tailored to specific interest groups — emerging Architects in this case for Vertical Engagement CASA Curtin. This was an active workshop, where we explored:


WHY_get involved?


WHAT is happening in public art and place activation in WA?


HOW is it done? – case studies presented, then participants developed a visual concept/proposal


WHERE can participants get informed/get involved in the future?

'I got an insight into the process. It opened up my mind to the possibilities out there, and gave me confidence that I/we could put together a proposal.  The workshop gave me connections to other people interested in public art and place activation. Informed me where I can go to create new spaces [public art and place activation].'


-Workshop participant comments.

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