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riches of isolation

Riches of Isolation: Unearthing Western Australia’s Creative Potential was intended to nurture Western Australia’s design talent and help build a dynamic culture of creativity in the state.


I co-curated/co-managed the two year project which showcased the artworks/products developed, with colleauges Penelope Forlano, Rebecca Eggleston, and Kris Brankovic. This resulted in an international travelling exhibition, a publication, public presentations and a successful public relations and marketing campaign.


The exhibition was part of the SaloneSatellite at the prestegoius Salone Internazionale del Mobile.Milano



The success of the Riches of Isolation show in Milan came down to a dedicated group of designers, students and educators determined to prove that it is possible to launch a global career from an isolated setting like Western Australia.

Robyn Gower, Editor of Inside: Australian Design Review

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