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A trail of paper flowers:
Between Myanmar and Fremantle

14 days. 100 community members.

Four Australian creatives, 1000 paper flowers crafted and ‘planted’ down the 170-metre Yangon alley. 

This story is about hope and community. It is about vision and connection.  

With an alleyway community in old Yangon, I led the crafting and “planting” of a thousand paper flowers. Within a revitalised alley, we set up an outdoor workshop for two weeks. Residents from the alleyway, artists, interns, and passers-by were invited to craft flowers with me. Together we dyed paper, cut bamboo, made recycled newspaper plant pots and paper flowers, talked, and laughed. I had such a warm experience with these magical people from Myanmar.

It was a fabulous experience collaborating with Spatialco and Doh Eain: Renewing Yangon

Yangon Alley Garden – A Community Based Art Project

Grant Funder: DFAT Australia – ASEAN Council Grants, Yangon, Myanmar, 2020 

The project was about building connections in community, invigorating a sense of pride in place and delight, and helping to activate as part regenerating the area. 

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