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Language of flowers

Immersive experiences with thousands of handmade crepe paper flowers. Memories and meaning to people of all ages. Flowers are one of the delights of nature. Used as a way of communicating symbolically since ancient times. Did you know during the Victorian Era, floriography - the use or arrangement of flowers, became a secret way to express coded messages that Victorian etiquette held too delicate or intimate to express directly.  

I loved collaborating with  Hayley Curnow on this series of flower installations.  

Yangon Alley Garden – A Community Based Art Project

Grant Funder: DFAT Australia – ASEAN Council Grants, Yangon, Myanmar, 2020 

Language of Flowers: Spring Flower Gallop \ Installation 
Commissioner: Crown Perth, Crown Towers, Perth, Australia, 2018 

Language of Flowers: Fashion Meets Flowers \ Installation

Commissioner: Lakeside Joondalup, Joondalup, Australia, 2016 


The Language of Flowers: Chandelier \ Installation                                                      
Commissioner: Perth Royal Flower Show. Shenton Park, Australia, 2016 


The Language of Flowers \ Installation  
Commissioner: FORM PUBLIC2016 PLATFORM.  Claremont, Australia, 2016 

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