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Exploring new formats...

17 Apr 2024

Exploring new formats...

As I am and interior architect as well as an artist, I can’t resist taking my art into multi-functional artwork. Currently I’m playing with some of my iconic paintings and placing them onto plates and trays. I like the idea that the prints come with a built in ‘frame’. And are light and easy to mail or pack as keepsakes for faraway friends.


Mother’s Day is coming up. Perhaps a selection of two or three would make a perfect gift.


Art Collector Plates I 2024 Edition

The atmosphere, a quirky character, a piece of history, a small event, an interesting detail.


These things lead me to develop the stories I explore in my artworks. Iconic paintings done on my travels create a series of stories you can personalize.

Pick your favourite feathered friend or bloom. Each comes ready to hang on the wall, colours and images were carefully curated so they can be mixed and matched to form a collage of your own choosing.


I’m looking at three collections:

Sea Circus Collection


Life underwater is a three-ring circus. The razzle-dazzle of the colours, the patterns, the forms, so unlike earthbound environments. Who put those crazy colours together - with those patterns? What magician created this world?

Wild Things Collecion


This is a tale of love. It’s about the resilience of various species, and the challenges of saving threatened fauna. It’s told through the characters I’ve met in my travels. Some of it is history and science, and some of it is imagination and fiction.

Botanic Collection


Flowers bring memories and meaning to people of all ages. Used as a way of communicating symbolically since ancient times. Did you know during the Victorian Era, floriography - the use or arrangement of flowers, became a secret way to express coded messages that Victorian etiquette held too delicate or intimate to express directly.

I’m testing the collections at ARTWALK FREO 24, week one (4+5 May). And I’m looking forward your feedback and ideas.


Artwalk Freo 2024 I Week One

4+5 May 24

7 Artists homes / studios walking route

Open 10am - 4pm daily

Tickets available:

$20 (weekend pass) / $50 (season pass) I @artwalkfreo


Introducing my Guest Artists at ARTWALK FREO 24

Penelope Forlano:

Anodized aluminium jewellery inspired by the cosmos and geometry @forlano_design. Photo by David Broadway

Renee Parnell: The diverse creative and natural inspired printmaking of @wrenscape

Melanie Sharpnell: Decorative and functional ceramics exploring the theme of Australian flora @eucalypthomewares Photo by Nancy Wilkinson

Ned Huffadine: Fabric hair buttons by young artist and entrepreneur @a_little_hare_button

Photo by Pene Shearing

In this edition, I am happy to share a bit more about the amazing work of:

Eucalypt Homewares / @eucalypthomewares 

Speaking about interiors Melanie Sharpnell will be showing her decorative and functional ceramics exploring the theme of Australian flora under her label Eucalypt Homewares


Eucalyptus Homewares dinner ware graces the tables at the renowned Wildflower Restaurant in Perth’s Treasury Building. 


Mel is a new collaborator. I invited her as firstly I love her work – her colours are delicious, and she shares a love of flowers in her art with Renee and I. But secondly because I feel that we need to celebrate art in its many forms. What better way is in the things you use every day.

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