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Our upcoming adventure...

3 Apr 2024

Our upcoming adventure is opening our home and studio for ARTWALK FREO 24

Each week is too short for all the artwork I want to make. And it’s constraining the time I have for my loved ones. Fortuitously, I’m working with longstanding friends on this endeavour. Penny, and Renee are joining Jack and I for an entertaining weekend (4+5 May 24).


Join us – have a sticky-beak – see how we work, live and play. Stroll between the seven unique host artists’ studios, homes and gardens in South Fremantle. Talk, laugh, see, and buy a range of paintings, sculptures, fibre art, printmaking, and ceramics. Enjoy the café culture on South Terrace.

On week one, you will also have the opportunity to visit the studios / homes of: Laura Mitchell I Olivia Samec I Sara Drake I Jan Purser I Sandra Black I Beste Ogan 


Open 10am - 4pm daily

Tickets available:

$20 entry, tickets valid all weekend I @artwalkfreo


Introducing my Guest Artists at ARTWALK FREO 24

Penelope Forlano:

Anodized aluminium jewellery inspired by the cosmos and geometry @forlano_design Photo by David Broadway

Renee Parnell: The diverse creative and natural inspired printmaking of @wrenscape

Melanie Sharpnell: Decorative and functional ceramics exploring the theme of Australian flora @eucalypthomewares Photo by Nancy Wilkinson

Ned Huffadine: Fabric hair buttons by young artist and entrepreneur @a_little_hare_button Photo by Pene Shearing

In this edition, I am happy to share a bit more about the amazing work of:

Forlano Design / @forlano_design

Dr. Penelope Forlano is an internationally awarded public artist and designer. At ARTWALK FREO she is launching her new jewellery line. We go way back — to the early years when I was establishing the Interior Architecture program at Curtin University. From our Professor / student relationship grew a lifelong friendship.


From Penny's heady international London design days to her joining Curtin’s Interior Architecture Department, we collaborated on teaching, research and curating an exhibition of art and design at the renowned SaloneSatellite at the Salone del Mobile, Milano.

(W)renscape / @wrenscape

Renee Parnell's work encompasses the technical precision of printmaking processes inspired by natural elements. All of which informs her diverse creative practice (W)renscape.


Renee holds an Honours degree in Interior Architecture. She joined the team in Curtin’s Interior Architecture Department where we were colleagues for many years.


Life goes on. We three amigos left academia and reinvented ourselves as artists. Artists with the added skill of understanding interior spaces. It’s great fun to be collaborating again.


Our feathered friends

I’m excited about exhibiting new paintings of our feathered friends. I love capturing the rare, the colourful and the entertaining little creatures I encounter wherever I wander.


Using a technique introduced to me by my Tasmanian painting guru Tony Smibert. I do repetitive small studies to explore composition, characteristics, and painting approach.


This tactic allows me to learn from each successive step, leading to a more refined painting. It loosens me up.

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